20 Mind Bending Examples Of Surreal Photography To Jumpstart Your Creativity

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Surreal photography has been around for quite some time, with the first surreal photography exhibition dating all the way back to 1925 which featured the photography of Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, and others. In modern times surrealism has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to advancements in camera technology and post processing techniques such as digital photography and powerful editing programs like Photoshop.

And, though the way we create surreal photography has changed, the core aesthetic has remained the same: to create an almost dreamlike world where the mind is put to task understanding the unknown and, oftentimes, impossible.

Tap into your imagination and unleash your wild ideas by getting started in the world of surreal photography. Here are 20 photos from the Creative Commons that will help jump start your creativity and get you brainstorming your own surreal concepts. Some are done in camera, while others rely on composite editing techniques just to make sure there’s something included for everyone. Let’s Dig in:


Afterwards Tom and Eric weren't exactly sure at which point during their discussion the elephant had entered the room


Giraffes were much more common in those days


Not with the flow


Picture Exclusive: Filmstar Babe relaxing in the bedroom of the villa she bought after receiving an Oscar for her role in the film "Babe, a galant pig"


Beep beep !


299/365: Nuevo Softbox


138/365²: Llevando lo esencial


After the Cat Wars: Diana (aka Goddess of the Hunt) had always lived up to her motto "Nemo me impune lacessit" during her long and distinguished career in the cat army..


Turning Tables


A Bird in a Gilded Cage


Spring Cleaning


19/365²: El árbol de las ideas


C'est La Vie


Stormy Day


How did the Airbus A380 get into the Mojave desert?


You cheer me up!


Intoxicated with the madness of the world


"With my head in the cloud"





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