3 Things You Can Do To Improve Photos That You Don’t Need Your Camera To Do

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We talk a lot about shooting techniques and editing methods to help you take better photos. Of course, practicing photography is a vital aspect of advancing your skills. But while shooting as much as possible is a good idea, there are also other things you can be doing that will prove to be equally helpful. So when you’re not able to have a camera attached to your hand, you can still get some “practice” in.
Cute tripletIn this article, we’ll talk about a few things you can do outside of actually taking photos that are designed to give you inspiration and get your creativity running, so when you finally are able to get out there and shoot, you can hit the ground running.

Follow Photographers That Inspire You

When you come across a photographer whose work you appreciate and enjoy, check out their social media and give them a follow. Many will also have mailing lists you can subscribe to, which is a convenient way to stay up to date with their most current projects.

By following your favorite photographers, you’ll have a steady stream of inspiration coming in that will make you want to create more photos of your own. You’ll also be able to study their work and see if you can learn a thing or two about the techniques and methods they use to take those awesome photos that attracted you to them in the first place! architecture_316

Share More Of Your Photos

Chance are you already have a healthy collection of photos just sitting on your hard drive that you’ve never shared or posted anywhere. I know I sure do! Use your inability to take new photos by revisiting some of your older photos and seeing if you may have missed any awesome shots you want to share.

For example, I’ll often go back to photos I took several years ago and try my hand at editing them again using new techniques I’ve acquired over the years since I took the snap. Sometimes starting over from scratch is just what you need and it can also be a great way to freshen up your social media feed.

Go To An Art Show Or Art Museum

There’s no doubt about it: art history has played a major role in modern photography. Many of the lighting and composition techniques we use are derivative from famous painters like Rembrandt and the likes.Portraits

You’d be doing yourself a great service to head to the nearest art museum and study the works of some of the Old Masters. Examine the way they constructed their compositions, what they chose to include in the composition, the balance of different objects, how they painted in the light to create drama and draw in the viewer’s eye. There is an endless amount knowledge just waiting to be learned at the museum.

Lastly, you can also research your local area and see if there are any photography exhibitions going on. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find an opening event. Many times the photographers whose work is being featured will attend the opening, giving you an opportunity to introduce yourself and perhaps even pick their brain a little!

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