Free HDR Lightroom Preset

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Free HDR Lightroom Preset

There are a lot of different options when it comes to processing HDR photos. One option is to increase the dynamic range in Lightroom without the need to blend multiple exposures for a true HDR image. Lightroom’s settings allow you to create awesome HDR-inspired looks with ease, you just need to adjust the right settings.

Today we have a free Lightroom preset that will give your photos an HDR-like look quickly and easily. This preset is a sample from our larger set of popular HDR Lightroom Presets.  That set includes 30 one-click presets for amazing HDR effects. There are presets for subtle HDR effects, strong and bold HDR effects, as well as some black & white HDR effects. This free preset, just like all of our HDR presets, works in all versions of Lightroom since Lightroom 4 (which currently includes LR4, LR5, LR6, LR7, LR8, LR9, Classic and CC).

This free preset works very well with a wide variety of photos from landscapes to portraits. It uses a somewhat subtle HDR effect, which helps to keep it more versatile. The full set of HDR Lightroom Presets includes a variety of different styles of effects, including some that are stronger and more extreme.

See the preview images below.

Download the free sample preset | Preview the full set of presets

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Preview Images:


Free HDR Lightroom Preset


Free HDR Lightroom Preset