20 Inspirational Photography Blogs

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own photography or you simply love seeing great pics, these photography blogs are sure to get your creative juices flowing:

Psychology for Photographers
This blog is awesome for anyone who owns a business as it guides you through using photography to enhance your selling power, with specific psychological analysis of why and how these tactics work.

Photography Concentrate
If you’re looking to learn new photography and post processing skills, Rob and Lauren have created this fantastic blog with all you could ever need. With loads of free tutorials and step by step guides, you can really up your game with this free info.

Photography Spark
Photography Spark is an excellent blog for those looking to delve a little deeper into the technical world of tips and tricks. With quality posts full of top notch info, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of the world of photography, minus all the filler.

The Law Tog
Photographer and lawyer Rachel Brenke is an expert in both fields, and her blog provides some priceless information that every photographer needs to know. She also produces legal contracts that you can purchase from her, which can prove invaluable for your photography business.

Brand Camp Blog
Anyone with their own photography business needs to be following this blog. Kristen Kalp is a business, writing and branding expert, and her superb posts will help you to move forward with your business and profitability.

Photo Focus
Scott Bourne has been writing this blog since 98 and it is one of the most extensive collections of photography tips, tutorials, interviews, and info to be found anywhere. With over 1500 posts, you are sure to find help on just about any photography subject.

This blog is run by the well known photographer and writer David Hobby, and it is a gold mine of information for anyone looking to improve their lighting technique for photography. The fact that it receives over 300,000 monthly readers should give some indication as to the quality of the blog.

Chase Jarvis
If you are not already familiar with Chase Jarvis, its time to get over to his blog and check him out. The visionary photographer has worked for the likes of Red Bull, Nike, Reebok, Apple, and Pepsi, and he really knows his stuff. He also knows how to create an engaging and entertaining blog.

Everything Everywhere
Everything everywhere is a superb blog for anyone who loves photojournalism. Gary Arndt set out in 2007 on a mission to travel the world and document his adventures, and so far he has visited more than 95 countries, taking some breathtaking photos along the way.

Joe McNally
Saying that Joe McNally was a photography legend would be no understatement. With a top class career in the industry, a number of bestselling books and a huge social media following, it is no surprise that this blog is chockablock with amazing insights.

Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider
Scott Kelby is one of the most respected photo manipulation experts in the industry, and his blog will help to guide you towards becoming a post processing superstar.

Jeremy Cowart
Originally working as an artist and designer, Jeremy began using photography to add another dimension to his work, and he loved it so much that in 2005 he began taking photos full time. His trademark is the unique perspective he brings to his photographs, and in this blog he tells us how and why he takes pics the way he does.

Jasmine Star
For any advice or tips on wedding photography head over to Jasmine Star’s photography blog, as she really knows how to do it well plus her blog is just a fun place to hang out.

David duChemin
David duChemin is a world renowned photographer, humanitarian and best selling author, and his blog is one of the most authoritative photography sites out there.

Zach Arias
Zach is a music and editorial photographer who is all about getting strong genuine shots straight out the box. His blog has some really great stuff on there for people who can relate to this classic photography style.

Fro Knows Photo
For all the info you could possibly need to know on shooting raw, this blog is the go to place. Fro has a bold standpoint and a strong voice, meaning that most visitors to the site either love him or hate him, but either way you cannot deny his ability.

Stuck in Customs
This is the number one travel blog in the world, with photos being looked at over 175,000 times a day. This is one place not to go if you are supposed to be getting on with work, as a quick minute on the site can easily turn into an hour!

Alex Koloskov
One of the best ways of learning new skills is to see a professional shot, and then to see a breakdown of the methods, equipment and set up that was used to get it. This is exactly what Alex Koloskov does on his insightful blog, plus loads of other gear reviews, guides and tutorials.

Digital Photography School
Digital Photography School is a multi-author blog that posts articles on photography tips and tutorials, cameras and equipment, and post production.

Digital Photography School

Tom Robinson
Another superb photojournalist, Tom Robinson has spent over 5 years travelling the world and documenting his adventures. This blog shares those experiences with readers and gives some fascinating insights into this line of work.