Photography Business Kit

Many photographers find that the most challenging and frustrating part of running their business has nothing to do with taking photographs or  providing customers with high quality products and services. In most cases the difficult parts of being a photographer are related to the business aspect. Things like contracts, finances, and marketing the business tend to be much more of an obstacle than the actual photography work. With that in mind, we’ve created the Photography Business Kit to provide photographers with a wide range of resources to help with improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their business. Best of all, the kit is priced at a fraction of the cost of buying all of these valuable resources individually.

The Photography Business Kit includes the following products/resources (keep scrolling down for much more detail):

All of the print-ready templates (marketing kits, branding kits, brochures) are provided in layered Photoshop files. The contract templates and legal documents are provided in Word format. The spreadsheets are provided in Excel format. Here is a more detailed look at the specific products included in this kit.

Specialty Photography Brochure Template

If you’re looking to promote your services, having quality printed materials can be a huge help. In this kit you’ll get bi-fold brochure templates for 4 different photography specialties: portraits, wedding, maternity, and newborns. Each brochure template comes in Photoshop format and uses a standard 8.5 inches by 11 inches (plus bleed) size. The brochures come with text related to the specifics of each service. You can easily insert your own text, or simply enter your details and use most of the text as is. Entering your own photos is simple with the help of Photoshop’s clipping masks, and documentation is provided to show how to enter those photos. Previews of each template are shown below, but you can also click on the links to see further details of any of the brochures.

Portrait Photography Brochure Template

Portrait Photography Brochure Template

Wedding Photography Brochure Template

Wedding Photography Brochure Template

Maternity Photography Brochure Template

Maternity Photography Brochure Template

Newborn Photography Brochure Template

Newborn Photography Brochure Template

Branding Kits

Presenting a consistent brand image can go a long way towards a professional appearance for your business. We have 3 different branding kits that are included in the Photography Business Kit. Each branding kit includes the same items, just 3 different design styles. All 3 are included in the Photography Business Kit so you can choose the one that is the best fit for you. You’ll get templates for a business card, tri-fold brochure, portfolio book, invoice, and logo.

Here are some items from each of the 3 branding kits. Click on the links for more images.

Stylishly Square Branding Kit

Destinations Branding Kit

Sleek Branding Kit

Marketing Kits

As a complement to the branding kits, we also have 3 marketing kits that include templates for a variety of items that can be used in the marketing of your business. These 3 kits are designed to match the style of each of the branding kits, so you can maintain the same consistent branding and image. Each marketing kit includes templates for appointment reminder cards, coupon/discount cards, thank you cards, gift certificates, return address stickers, handle with care stickers, DVD/CD cover and label, and a bookmark.

Here are some items from each of the 3 marketing kits. Click on the links for more images.

Stylishly Square Marketing Kit

Destinations Marketing Kit

Sleek Marketing Kit

Contract Templates

You’ll get a portrait photography contract template and a wedding photography contract template. The portrait photography template can be used for a variety of specific services (seniors, families, fashion, maternity, engagement, etc.). Each contract template comes in Word format and can be edited to suit your specific needs. There are a few highlighted areas in each template to alert you to areas where you will need to enter details like your information, your client’s information, price, etc.  In addition, you’ll also get a model release template, which is a needed document for many photographers. Like the others, the model release is also provided in Word format and you can easily enter the details as needed.

Other Business Templates

Credit Card Authorization
If you accept credit card payments from your customers this is a handy template. It comes in Word format and you can print out copies to have your customers fill in their credit card info and to get their signature.

DVD Information Template
If you provide DVDs to your customers this template will help to provide them with relevant information and to inform them of your policies regarding archiving photos. It encourages them to create backup copies of the DVD and informs them of charges that will be incurred if they need to access photos after you have archived them. This template is provided in Word format so you can easily tweak the details to suit your needs.

Personal Use Authorization Template
If you are providing digital files to your customers the Personal Use Authorization Template allows you to inform them that the photos are for their own personal use, and it restricts commercial use of your photos. It also includes some other details about how the photos can and cannot be used. It comes in Word format so you can easily edit the details as needed.

Wedding Photography Questionnaire
If you offer wedding photography services it is important to get all of the relevant information about the details of the wedding day. This questionnaire can be given to your clients to fill out, and you’ll be able to gather the information that you need. It comes in Word format so it can be easily edited if needed.

Wedding Photography “Must-Have” Shots List
This list includes 96 common “must-have” shots for wedding photography. It can be used by the photographer as a checklist on the wedding day, and it can also be used to present to clients ahead of time to get their feedback on what specific shots are the most important to them. It comes in Word format, so you can easily edit the details add add/remove items to the list.

Financial Spreadsheets
You’ll get spreadsheet templates (all in Excel format) for a Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and Expense Register. Just insert your own financial details and these spreadsheets can help you to stay on top of the financial situation of your business. Product Use License

Product Details:

Compatible with: Photoshop CS4+
Items included: marketing templates, legal templates, spreadhseets

Price: $99

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