4 Travel Destinations Every Street Photographer Needs To Visit

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One of the great things about street photography is its accessibility. Street photographers are known to shoot in all kinds of shooting conditions, from excessive heat to rain showers. In fact, these are the times some of the best street shots are captured! That means, street photographers spend a significant amount of time out on the streets shooting. Why not mix up the scenery a little bit and book a vacation to one of these top street photography destinations?

New York City

New York City

1. New York City

No street photography cities list would be complete without New York City. Active street photographers are treated to round the clock photo opportunities in the city that never sleeps. And with 53 million visitors travelling to the city a year, there’s certainly no shortage of people watching. That’s not even including the people who call New York City home!

Depending on what you’re in the mood shoot, there is probably a district that will strike your fancy. From a bustling china town to the hustle and bustle of wall street, New York City is a must see for street photographers.

2. Toronto

Toronto doesn’t always make the top street photography destination lists, and in this case, consider that a good thing. Toronto is known as one of the most diverse cities in the world. This upbeat Canadian city has all the character and culture a street photographer could hope for.

If you head to Toronto on a street photography tour of your own, try to check out Graffiti Alley, Harbourfront, or even the subway!


3. Hong Kong

With it’s throngs of locals and tourists a like, Hong Kong is another action packed city that appeals to street photographers looking for culture and vibrant city life.

If you are looking for more local culture on your street photography trip to Hong Kong, stick with the Kowloon region That being said, there’s a lot to be captured on the island as well–especially if you like shoot bright lights and iconic Hong Kong locations.

Hong Kong Street Market

4. Tokyo

Another popular Asian destination is Tokyo. The busy Japanese town is hotbed for street photographers, and looking through some of the images captured by photographers who have visited the land of the rising sun, it’s not hard to see why Tokyo is so popular among us.

Shibuya Crossing is famous around the world as the busiest intersection on earth and is an essential snap for any photographer travelling to Tokyo. But be sure to hit some more off the beaten path streets as well. You’ll find lots of local culture tucked away in unexpected spots–go explore!

Tōkyō #6

Which Is The Best Destination For You?

Before you book your tickets and head to the airport, make sure you’re pocking the best destination for your style. Take into consideration the traditions and cultures of where you will be travelling  makes sure it’s a place you are allowed to take photos in. In many cultures, street photography can be considered taboo. Even illegal in some locations. The last thing you want to do is ruin your holiday with legal trouble in  a foreign country because you didn’t read up before you left.

When you’re planning your photography travel, remember to do a lot of research in advance. Familiarize yourself with the areas you will be visiting as much as possible before you leave. As always, practice safety!