Soft Pastel Effect in Photoshop is a Popular Tutorial: Check It Out

One of the more popular tutorials on our blog is How to Create a Soft Pastel Effect in Lightroom. After publishing that tutorial we received some requests to write a tutorial for a similar effect in Photoshop, so that is what we will be looking at today. The effect that we will be creating is not the same as the one in Lightroom, but it is a similar soft color effect with a pastel tone.

Find Free Video Tutorials at Photoshop Video Academy

If you’re interested in learning more about photo editing there are plenty of tutorials online that you can follow (including our Photo Editing 101 course), but sometimes you may find the video format to be especially helpful. Photoshop Video Academy launched last year to provide quality video training, but they recently changed their format in a way that will benefit many photographers and designers. Originally, the videos were only available to paying members, but now all of their video training is free. They still have a membership option for users who want things like tutorial source files and personal support, but the change to free videos means that you can now get access to a lot of helpful tutorials for free.