11 of the Best Websites for Photography Inspiration

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One of the best ways to spark your creativity and to find inspiration for your own work is to browse the work of other photographers. This is especially true if you’re just learning photography or looking to improve your skills.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great websites that make it easy to find amazing photos very quickly. In this post, we’ll highlight the best websites for photography inspiration. Any time you’re looking for a creative boost or to find beautiful examples, check out any of these sites.

Best Websites for Photography Inspiration

1. Instagram


Instagram is an incredibly popular social network that focuses on photo and video content. If you want to be inspired, you can follow your favorite photographers and your Instagram feed will be a constant source of inspiration.

2. Behance


Behance is a site where designers, illustrators, photographers, and other creatives can display their work. You can sign up for an account and create your own portfolio. As a visitor, you can browse and search to be inspired by the work of others. You can get and give feedback and find plenty of amazing work at Behance.

3. 500px


500px is one of the most popular photography communities, and with good reason. As a photographer, you can create an account and upload your own photos. As a visitor, you can browse and search to find photos of all kinds. You can follow other users, join groups, participate in discussions, and much more. One of the great things about 500px is the high quality of photos that are on the site. If you’re looking for some inspiration this is a great place to find it.

4. 1X


1X is a curated photography community. It’s a great place to find inspiration because the quality of work being showcased is very high. You can create an account to share your work and participate in the forums and groups.

5. YouPic


YouPic allows photographers to create a free profile to showcase their work. It’s also a great site for photography inspiration because you can browse the collective work of the photographers on the platform.

6. Unsplash


Unsplash is an incredibly-popular site for free photos. Although the primary target audience of the site is people who are looking for photos that can be used on websites or in other projects, Unsplash can also be an excellent source of inspiration. For a free photo site, the quality of photos here tends to be very high, and most of them don’t have the typical stock photo look.

7. Pexels


Pexels is very similar to Unsplash. Although the photos here are free, the quality tends to be pretty good and new photos are being added constantly. Since you can find just about any type of photo here, Pexels is also one of the best websites for inspiration.

8. Exposure


Exposure is an interesting site that allows photographers to create narratives with their photos. So you can create an account to use your own photos, or you can browse the work of others for your inspiration.

9. Particulr


Particulr is a perfect for photography inspiration because you’ll find very unique, creative, and interesting photos here. You won’t find the same quantity of photos that you’ll find at the other sites on this list, but you’re sure to find something unique.

10. ViewBug


ViewBug is a platform that allows photographers to showcase their work. The site hosts photo contests that are free to join. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can find plenty of it at ViewBug by browsing the work of other photographers.

11. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find inspiration. The key is to follow the right boards. Certainly, there are a lot of other topics aside from photography that you can find at Pinterest, but the boards you follow will dictate how much inspiration you get.