So You Want To Be A Festival Photographer?

If you’re a photographer who loves attending live music, it’s almost certain you’ve thought about what it would be like to be in the photo pit capturing the magic yourself. Beyond getting free admission to massive shows, you’ll also get to watch your favorite artists from closer than anyone else in the crowd.

           Jeremy Jensen
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Why You Should Be Taking More Self Portraits

Self-portraits are getting a bit of a bad rap lately. While selfies are socially acceptable and perfect fodder for social media posts, all of a sudden it seems like the only way to go is to use a smartphone camera and add a few filters. That’s not the only way you can do a self-portrait, however. In fact, putting your DSLR on a timer or investing in a shutter release cable could do you a world of good – by letting you turn the camera on yourself. It’s time to compose, frame, and think like a photographer for your self-portrait. Here’s why you should be doing it this way much more often.

           Rhiannon D'Averc
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How to Use Smart Collections in Lightroom

Lightroom is extremely useful for processing your digital photos, but it is equally powerful for helping to keep your photos organized. Most of us have thousands of photos on our hard drives, and it is very easy to allow them to get unorganized, which makes it very challenging to find photos when you are looking for them. Lightroom’s library module includes many useful functions that can help you to get your photos organized and maintain that organization going forward.

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7 Convincing Reasons to Take a Photo Walk

Photo walks are organized by small groups of photographers all around the world, but you don’t need to be a part of a group or to wait for the next event to go on a photo walk. You can simply take your camera and go on a walk of your own. In fact, there are many reasons why a photo walk can be a great experience. If you’re part of a group photo walk there are a lot of benefits like networking, learning from others, and even getting and giving feedback on different gear. This post is focused on taking a solo photo walk, so all of these benefits can be had even without an organized group in your area.

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Lightroom Collage Templates

This product is included in the Ultimate Photography Bundle! Learn how you can save money with the bundle. This collection of collage templates is ideal […]

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