Give Your Photo an Intense Portrait Effect in Photoshop

With many portraits your post processing will create soft effects that tend to be pleasing, but in some situations you may prefer to create a more dramatic and intense effect. This tutorial will show one method of doing just that in Photoshop. The effect created here is very similar to the effects that can be easily applied with our Dragan-Inspired Photoshop Actions, so if you like this look be sure to check out those actions.

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10 Tips for Amazing Maternity Photos

If photographs are used as a way to remember a specific time in life, what better time to remember than the weeks and months surrounding the birth of a child? Maternity and newborn photography account for a large percentage of business for many photographers, because clients want to have memorable photos of this time in their lives.

In this article we’ll look at 10 tips that you can use to get the best maternity photos for your clients.

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