The Best Lightroom Presets for Portraits

With more than 1,000 Lightroom presets to offer we have options for just about any purpose or type of effect that you can imagine. But we often receive questions from customers and visitors about which presets are best suited for use with portraits. On this page you’ll find some basic information and recommendations about the presets that typically get the best results with portraits.

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Easily Add Life to Boring RAW Files in Lightroom

Shooting in RAW format offers many benefits, but the downside is that many of your photos can look dull straight out of the camera. If you’re shooting in JPG format some finishing touches will be applied to the photo when it is internally converted to a JPG, so by shooting in RAW format you’re not getting those finishing touches done for you. And that’s actually a good thing because the RAW file gives you far more flexibility and control, it just takes a small amount of extra work.

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11 Helpful Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn photography is special for both the photographer and the client because it can capture a phase in life that is very short, and one that every parent wants to remember. There are a lot of opportunities for photographers to get business from newborn sessions, but there is also a lot of planning and organization that is required for it to be successful. In this article we’ll look at 11 tips that can help you to get amazing results, and photos that your clients will love.

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Create a Pinhole-Inspired Effect in Lightroom

Pinhole cameras can be fun to experiment with, and you can even make one yourself. Another option is to create a pinhole-like effect in Lightroom, and in this tutorial we will be doing just that. The settings we will be using in this tutorial come from one of the presets in our set of Pinhole Lightroom Presets, so if you like the look be sure to check out those presets.

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