From Lightroom to Photoshop: How to Quickly and Expertly Change the Photo Editing Environment

Lightroom and Photoshop are both excellent tools, but they each have strengths and weaknesses. Even if you typically use Lightroom to organize and process your photos it is likely that there will be times when you want or need to use Photoshop with one of your images. Fortunately, moving between the two is pretty simple once you know how it works.


Customize Photoshop Actions in a Few Easy Steps

The end result of any Photoshop action will vary from one photograph to the next. Because the starting point is different, a particular action could look great on one photo and not so great on another. We work very hard to create actions that work well on a wide variety of photos, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never want to tweak it to improve the results, or to get a slightly different look. The good news is that our actions leave the created layers in tact and you can easily edit them to suit your needs.

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Create HDR in Lightroom with these Steps to Increase Dynamic Range

There are a lot of different options when it comes to processing HDR photos. You can use standalone programs like Photomatix, you can use Photoshop’s HDR Pro, you can hand process the photos as layers in Photoshop, and there are plugins that you can use within Photoshop or Lightroom. But another option that can work very well with many photos is simply to use Lightroom’s tools with no other plugins or programs.


Maternity Pose Guide Helps You Create Memorable Photos

If you’re going to be doing a maternity photo shoot it is a good idea to have some poses in mind before getting started. Browsing through sample maternity photos can be a good way to get some ideas and inspiration for your own photo shoots.

In this guide we’ll showcase several different types of poses that are common and popular with maternity photo shoots. You may want to bookmark this page so you can easily access it when you are looking for some ideas for your own maternity shoots.