How to Add Rain or Snow to a Photo

There may be times when you want to have a little fun with a photo and add an element that didn’t really exist in the scene. This isn’t going to be the case with the majority of your photos, but sometimes it can allow you to add an element that will enhance the photo in some way. You could add anything from light leaks, to sparkles, to rainbows, to bubbles, to snow and rain.

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Using Selective Focus To Create Compelling Portraits

For a concept as fundamental as selective focus, it is a tool photographers will continue to improve throughout their entire careers and one in which no app or machine exists to tell us exactly how to do it.

Sure, it’s easy enough to look at a potential photo and say, I want the subject’s eyes to be the main point of interest in this photo, I have to make sure the eyes are in focus. But then more questions start surfacing. Questions like, what else should be in focus? And, how do I make everything else actually fall out of focus or stay in focus? Suddenly, what seemed so rudimentary at first, is actually kinda overwhelming.

           Tiffany Mueller
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