Free Photoshop Action to Create Black and White Images

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Free Photoshop Action

Fast Conversion to Black and White with our Free Photoshop Action

This action is a free sample from our set of 10 Black and White Photoshop Actions.  Quickly convert your color photos to black and white with this action.  The free sample action helped to create the preview image above.

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Free Photoshop Action Makes It Even Faster to Do the Work of the Black and White Adjustment Layer

The Black and White adjustment layer feature in Photoshop allows you to creatively convert color photos to monochrome shots. In the days of black and white film cameras, photographers could use colored filters on their lenses.  These filters affected the way that light reached the film. White light results from the combination of different colors of light. Coincidentally, we can see these colors broken down every time we see a rainbow.

Lens filters are designed to block different colors of light from reaching the film. For example, a red filter would block red light and so a red flower would appear lighter because less light reflected from it would reach the film. The Black and White adjustment layer emulates some of these traditional filters. As a result, it also gives users more flexibility and control than in the days of shooting on film.

Our Free Photoshop Action Gives You Professional Results in a Click

With our free Photoshop Action, as with the full 10-pack of Black and White Photoshop Actions, you can get professional results from your conversions with just a click.

All of our actions are non-destructive and they leave the original photo layer unharmed. This means that you can easily revert back to the original photo if you’re not happy with the results. Also, all of the layers and adjustment layers can be edited if you would like to customize the action to get a slightly different result.

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Free Photoshop Action

Free Photoshop Action

Free Photography Bundle: PS actions, LR presets, photo overlays, & print templates! Get it here.

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