Free Vintage Photoshop Action Gives You Cool Retro Photos

Free vintage Photoshop action is a great example from our first volume bundle of vintage Photoshop actions.

Free Vintage Photoshop Action
As a result of our free vintage Photoshop action, you get this vintage feel.

Free vintage Photoshop action lets you create cool retro photos. This free vintage action is a sample from our set of 12 Vintage Photoshop Actions – Vol. I.  As a result of this Photoshop action, you get photos with a real retro feel. The free sample action is the same action used to create the preview image above.

Download the free sample action | Preview the full set of actions

If you want even more Photoshop actions check out our Ultimate Photography Bundle, which includes more than 700 different actions.

Free Vintage Photoshop Action

Vintage Actions Vol 1 are a great way to give your photos some added character. The effects are subtle, not overpowering. This set includes 12 different vintage actions.

Free Vintage Photoshop Action is Non-Destructive to Your Original

Never worry about your original photos again. Our free Vintage Photoshop Action is non-destructive and leaves the original photo layer unharmed. As a result, you can easily revert back to the original photo if you’re not happy with the outcome. Also, edit each layer and adjustment layer to customize the action for a slightly different result.

For installation instructions, please see How to Install a Set of Photoshop Actions. In the end, Photoshop actions can give you many alternatives to improving the looks of your photos. Our free Vintage Photoshop Action is a great way to test it out for yourself.

Free Vintage Photoshop Action