Free Pastel Lightroom Preset Gives You a Soft Blue Effect for Photos

Free Pastel Lightroom Preset is great for creating a soft look in your photos. Looking for a way to add beautiful soft color effects to your photos? Our set of 24 soft pastel Lightroom presets is the perfect solution. In fact, this set includes presets that apply a wide variety of different types and different tones. The colors and tones are soft, but make big transformations. The pastel presets work well with a wide variety of photos, but they are especially useful with outdoor portraits.

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This preset can be used in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. They work with RAW and JPG files. The download file includes instructions for installing Lightroom presets.

This is a really versatile effect that will look great with a wide variety of photos. You can apply the effect by using this free preset called Soft Blue Pastel. And if you like the soft pastel look don’t forget that we have more Pastel Lightroom Presets available.

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Soft Blue Pastel Preset

Soft Blue Preset

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Soft Blue Preset