Fundamentals Preset System Makes it Easy to Create HDR-Like Effects in Lightroom

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Creating true HDR photos requires the merging of multiple images taken at different exposures, but what if you want to create an HDR-like effect with a photo and you don’t have multiple exposures? You can mimic HDR effects in either Lightroom or Photoshop, and our set of Fundamentals presets for Lightroom can make the process fast and easy. Fundamentals is a preset system that is available for free to anyone who subscribes to our deal notification email list. By subscribing to the list you’ll be emailed whenever we run a significant promo on any of our products. As a bonus, you will be able to download Fundamentals for free.

How to Use Our Fundamentals Preset System to Get the Look of HDR

In this tutorial, we’ll quickly walk through the process of creating an effect similar to an HDR photo. You can achieve this look in Lightroom with or without Fundamentals, but the purpose of Fundamentals is to speed up your workflow. You can get the HDR look with just a few clicks and without messing with a lot of sliders in Lightrooms develop module.

For the tutorial, we’ll be working with this photo, which has been provided by Meghan Newsom.

Fundamentals Preset System

Fundamental Preset Systems Included in the Free Photography Bundle

Assuming you already have Fundamentals downloaded and installed, open Lightroom and move to the develop module. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed Fundamentals you can get access to download the set here, and installation instructions are included in the download file.

Here are the steps to get the HDR look:

  • First, click on preset 5.8 for max clarity boost
  • Then click on preset 3.5 for medium contrast boost
  • Next, click on preset 4.2 for a typical tone adjustment
  • Finally, click on preset 6.2 for a saturation boost

That’s it! The specifics may vary depending on your photo. For example, use a lower level of clarity instead of the max clarity boost. Adjust to a different level of contrast boost. Make all of these changes quickly by clicking the presets. No need to adjust the sliders. This saves time in post-processing.

You’ll probably also want to use the presets for sharpening and noise reduction that are included as part of Fundamentals, but the specifics will depend on your photo. Here is our end result:

Fundamentals preset system