30 Fun Props for Maternity Photos

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Making use of props can be a great way to add some fun to your photos. When it comes to maternity photography there are all kinds of different props that are possibilities. Here you’ll find 30 different props, accessories, clothing items that are perfect for use in your maternity photos. Some of the items showcase ideas, while others showcase and link to specific products that can be purchased at Etsy.

Of course, photo overlays are an alternative to using props. We have several different sets of maternity photo overlays that can be used to decorate your photos.


Photo by Amie Fedora

Baby Shoes

Photo by Benjamin Thompson


Photo by Javcon117


Photo by Esther Gibbons


Photo by Latteda

“It’s a Girl” Sign (Etsy)

“It’s a Boy” Sign (Etsy)

Rustic Banner (Etsy)

“Dear Little One” Wooden Sign (Etsy)

“Oh Baby” Sign (Etsy)

“Coming Soon” Sign (Etsy)

“We Love You Already” Burlap Banner (Etsy)

Blue Sash (Etsy)

Mae Sash (Etsy)

Anna Sash (Etsy)

Pregnancy Countdown Chalkboards (Etsy)

“Mommy To Be” Banner (Etsy)

Full-Length Tutu (Etsy)

Mini Crown (Etsy)

Rhinestone Headband (Etsy)

“It’s a Boy” Tag (Etsy)

“It’s a Girl” Tag (Etsy)

Mint Chiffon-Lace Gown (Etsy)

Lace Shorts and Top (Etsy)

Maternity Dress (Etsy)

Extra Long Gown (Etsy)

Tulle Skirt (Etsy)

Closed-Front Gown (Etsy)

Chiffon Gown (Etsy)

Weekly Pregnancy Stickers (Etsy)