Matte Lightroom Presets


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This set of Lightroom presets makes it easy to give your photos an awesome matte look and feel. The set includes 40 different one-click matte effect presets, including both color and mono effects in varying strengths. In addition, it also comes with 3 different vignette presets that can be used in combination with the matte effects. None of the matte presets include vignettes by default in case you don’t want the vignette, but adding the vignette is easy with these 3 additional presets. These matte presets are highly versatile and they will work great with a wide variety of photos from portraits to landscapes and more.

In addition to the one-click presets, you’ll also get more than 50 stackable workflow presets that make it quick and easy to create a matte effect that is customized to the needs of your specific photo. In just a few clicks you can create a beautiful matte effect with ease.

These presets can be used in any version of Lightroom since Lightroom 4 (this includes LR4, LR5, LR6, LR7, LR8, LR9, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC) on Mac or PC. The presets work with RAW files, DNG files, and JPG files. The download file includes instructions for installing Lightroom presets. Product Use License