11 Must-Have Newborn Photos

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Every parent wants to have pictures of their new baby. In the first few days and weeks a baby changes quickly and their is only a small window of time to capture the newborn stage.┬áIf you offer newborn photography services there are plenty of possibilities for getting photos that your clients will love. In this post we’ll highly 11 different photos that can serve as the foundation of your newborn sessions.

1. Closeup

Photograph the baby’s face up close to get a memorable photo. Many of the shots featured in this article will work well while the baby is sleeping, but this is one that is best taken while the baby is awake so you can showcase the eyes.

2. In Mother’s Arms or On Chest

Newborn sessions should ideally include the parents, especially the mother, as well. Have the mother hold or cradle the baby to capture an intimate moment.

Photo by Pawel Loj

3. In Father’s Arms

Having the father hold the baby is another great option. You can have the father hold the newborn in his arms, like the photo below, or do a closeup of the newborn’s head in the father’s hands.

Photo by Ray Dumas

4. Being Kissed

Have mom or dad, or both, kiss the baby.

Photo by Victoria Johnson

5. Holding Parent’s Finger

Tiny baby hands are also a great photo subject. Have the baby grasp a finger of the father or mother for a closeup shot.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

6. Closeup of Feet

Just like hands, tiny feet are also a feature that should be showcased.

Photo by Beth Fletcher

7. Sleeping

For a peaceful photograph, have the newborn lying down while sleeping. You can have them face down or face up, just be sure that they are in a position that is comfortable for them.

8. In a Wrap

Newborn wraps are an excellent accessory that can help to create beautiful photos. You can buy wraps in many different colors, or make your own.

Photo by Chasity Brighton

9. In Fun Clothes or Accessories

For some fun pictures, have the newborn wear some cute clothes, hats, or other accessories.

Photo by RebeccaVC1

10. In a Basket

Baskets are a must-have prop for newborn photographers.

Photo by Jamie Solorio

11. Chin on Hands

A popular pose for newborns is with their chin/head resting on their hands. This pose requires that you combine multiple shots since the newborn won’t be able to hold his or her head without some help, but it is surprisingly easy to do. See this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide to doing a composite photo of this kind.