Photo Filters in Photoshop to Make You Look Like a Pro

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Photo filters will help you create an image that is dynamic and compelling. Photoshop is a complex editing software that offers a wide array of editing tools and capabilities. When using Photoshop, you want to know some of the detailed ways you can impact your images. Photo filters can make the job of photo editing easier than ever.

Use the Photo Filters Gallery

Rather than going one at a time through the filters, use the photo filters gallery. You have the ability to set up filters, change the settings and then combine those filters. You want to use this gallery so that you are faster at your editing and still get amazing images.

Sharpen Your Image

photo filters

Image by Bold Frontiers via Flickr

You probably don’t realize how soft even your most in-focus images look. This shows up later, especially in print. Sharpen Your Image to get a clearer picture by using photo filters that aren’t actually the sharpen filter! To get a sharp image, duplicate your image layer and then go to Filters -> Other -> High Pass. Change the layer settings of the High Pass layer to Overlay and turn down the opacity to somewhere around 30%.

Colored Photo Filters

Photo filters

Image by ThenAndAgain via Flickr

For those photographers who started during the days of film, you may remember picking out colored lens filters to help get specific effects. For black and white, a red filter will increase the contrast. Go to the Adjustments window above your layers section, then pick Photo Filter. There you can choose warming and cooling photo filters to help give your image a closer color accuracy.

Pick Out Photoshop Actions to Save Time

If you are getting paid for your work as a photographer, then you know that time spent making edits is less time you can spend finding new clients or doing other shoots. Time is money.

photo filters

Professionals tend to find the fastest ways to create quality work so that they are efficient and produce a product their clients love. This means that the majority of photographers are using Photoshop Actions to save a ton of time. With Actions, you can choose your favorite finished product look and activate those edits on your image with just a simple click. You will likely get actions that take you in a way you wouldn’t otherwise think of going on your own.

Some action packs are built to have several options you can turn on or off based on the image and your preferences. Not all images are made equally, so some are going to have lighting or color differences. With Actions, you can start with a basic editing direction and then change the settings to fit the image.

Do you have favorite Photoshop photo filters? If so, we’d like to hear about it! Tell us in the comments below.