Wedding Photo Overlays Help You Make Beautiful Keepsakes

Wedding photo overlays help you create wedding keepsakes for your family and friends. In addition, keep the date special with these beautiful overlays.

This set of Photoshop .psd fileswill easily enhance your wedding photos by adding stylish overlays. You get .psd files for 10 different overlays with vector shapes and text. Place on top of your photos using the layer option in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Easy Layers for Manipulation in Photoshop and Other Photo Editing Programs

These wedding photo overlays are great for web, screen, or print. Simply change the text to suit your needs.  Then, place at the appropriate place on top of your photo. In addition, change the colors and/or blend mode of the layers to get a different look.

The overlays are tested to work in Photoshop Elements in addition to the full version of Photoshop. Plus, you can apply them in any photo editing software with layers options.

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