Sunset Actions for Photoshop are in this Photoshop Actions Bundle

Sunset actions
Sunset actions are at your fingertips with this excellent bundle for Photoshop.

Sunset actions are one of 12 action sets in our Photoshop Actions Bundle 1. Each set contains from 12-15 actions that you can use to expertly edit your photos. Most noteworthy, this particular set of 15 Photoshop actions gives sunrise and sunset effects to your photos with just a click.

Effortlessly turn your photos into art using Photoshop Actions. These are the best Photoshop actions for retouching and clean workflow edit. You improve your indoor photos and give your outdoor photos a feeling of being taken during the golden hour.

sunset actions

Sunset Actions included in the Ultimate Photography Bundle, too.

Sunset Actions and 11 other actions sets in Photo Actions bundle 1 are in the Ultimate Photography Bundle.  Learn how to save money with this bundle.

sunset actions

All of our actions are non-destructive and leave the original photo layer unharmed. For that reason, you can easily revert back to the original photo. Be happy with your editing results. As a result, all of the layers and adjustment layers are editable when you customize the action for slightly different results.

For installation instructions please see How to Install a Set of Photoshop Actions.