What People Are Saying About PhotographyPla.net

If you are wondering about the quality of our products, don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the things others have said.

Lightroom Presets:

“PhotographyPla.net presets are both unique and sophisticated. Make your photos look gorgeous with one-click!” — Freddy

“I have hundreds of presets from various well known sources, but yours are the most usable.” — Dick

“I have just come back from a holiday with a million snaps and been trying out the presets – they are just excellent heaps of fun to use and quick way of making the photos more striking.” — Sandy

“I am very happy with the results of the Dragan-Inspired presets I purchased from you, wow awesome!” — Bill

“I’ve been playing around with the presets and I love them! Thanks so much!” — Katie

“I’ve been extremely pleased with the presets, especially the Soft Matte preset. I downloaded it right after a family shoot and it was perfect for a picture taken in a sunflower field.” — Terry

“Thank you so much for the LR presets. I have tried them with my photos… it is so beautiful… thank u so much.” — Firdaussila

“I’m using some of your Lightroom presets and they are really, really amazing!” — Stefan

“I totally love the presets!” — Rochelle

“I have used the presets for Lightroom thus far and they are tremendous! They provide a fresh new perspective on my Lightroom experience.” — Alexander

“Very happy with the LR presets, thank you” — Massimo

“I love them! I have used them several times and they have enhanced my photos beautifully.” — Julie

“I really liked the presets, having a great time with them.” — Matthias

“PhotographyPla.net has some amazing presets at affordable prices.” — John

“I love the presets. I am a photographer for a Christian Hard Rock band and it makes my edits go so much faster.” — LJ

“Nice presets! Like it!” — Alessandro

“I love your presets.” — Ian

“The presets are fantastic!! I love them all.” — Lynndell

“Your presets were awesome. They really enhanced my shots.” – Jedidiah

 “Love the presets!!!” — Jorge

“Thanks for your presets which I am finding them helpful to improve my photography.” — Mario

Photoshop Actions:

“When I got a chance to try out PhotographyPla.net’s actions, I actually jumped for joy.” — Alex

“And I know the world’s filled with Photoshop actions. There are – literally – millions of them out there. But I believe some of best come from PhotographyPla.net. They’ll go beyond just adding useless colors and sparkles. They’ll actually help you. Plus, they’re original and will work on all types of photos.” — Kevin

“Love it !!! Absolutely STUNNING actions!” — Charlotte

“Actually just learned how to use Photoshop actions yesterday – but really enjoyed them!  They were much easier to install and use than I thought they would be.” — Chris

“PhotographyPla.net’s actions are extremely good, and while I can’t say that they will make all your fantasies come true, they come pretty close.” — PhotoWhoa

“Your Photoshop actions are amazing!” — Vince

“Those actions are fab.” — Maggie

“I love the Photoshop actions!!” — Terrie

“Your Photoshop actions are great!” — JM

“I enjoy the actions. They’re very well done.” — Adam

“I’m very pleased with the actions I received, specially because I can manipulate them so I can get the exact result I want. I’m a big fan of yours!” — Consuelo


“I enjoyed the free Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets so much that I purchased the Ultimate Photography Bundle. I am just thrilled to bits with having the opportunity to be able to use PhotographyPla.net’s presets and add them to my own photography digital library. So thank you once again for allowing me to use your wonderful products.” — Rosa

“Thank you so much! I love this site!!!!” — Kathleen

“So Kind – Thank you for having such a quick response & excellent customer service – I love your company!” — Kelli

“I have installed all the Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions and want to give you my compliments about the quality.I purchased actions from other people and companies, but I must say, that your products are a good value for the money. The documentation that comes along is also clear and easy to read.” — Michel

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! [the actions and presets]”. — Janel

“I love them!! I’m a beginner and I find they are super helpful.” — Jess

“The actions and presets are very nice indeed” — Joe

“These actions and presets are awesome. Thanks a lot.” — Sana

“I absolutely LOVE them [the actions and presets]!!!  Thank you.” — Louise

“Love, Love, love them!!!  Thank you!” — Kelly.

“The actions and presets are great” — Jan

“The actions and presets are excellent.” — Vera

“Your actions and presets are so awesome” — Minh

“The actions and presets are great!” — Kristin