Vintage Euphoria Actions


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Vintage photo effects are obviously very popular, and they work well with many photos. This set of Photoshop actions includes a total of 24 actions. There are 15 actions for creating various vintage-inspired effects, 3 actions for adding different amounts of grain, and 6 actions for adding vignettes. Grain and vignetting is common with the vintage style, but we wanted to give you the flexibility to add these elements as you please. The grain and vignettes can be used in combination with the vintage effect actions, giving you a lot of different possibilities for combinations.

The effects from these actions create vintage effects that are more on the subtle side, as opposed to overpowering and intense vintage effects. You’ll get subtle shifts in colors that tend to create beautiful images with a vintage feel.

These actions can be used in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The actions are compatible in every version of Photoshop since CS4 (which includes Photoshop CS4, including CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, and 2020). The actions for Photoshop Elements can be used in any version since PSE 11 (PSE 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 2018, 2019, and 2020).

Here is a list of the actions included in Vintage Euphoria:

  1. Simple Vintage
  2. Simple Desaturated Vintage
  3. Subtle Vintage
  4. Light Vintage
  5. Soft Touch
  6. Warm Vintage
  7. Old Postcard
  8. Retro Touch
  9. Retro Blue
  10. Burst
  11. Fade
  12. Vintage Sundown
  13. Creamy Vintage
  14. Deep Blue
  15. Retro Colors
  16. Add Grain – Light
  17. Add Grain – Medium
  18. Add Grain – Heavy
  19. Add Dark Vignette – Subtle
  20. Add Dark Vignette – Medium
  21. Add Dark Vignette – Strong
  22. Add White Vignette – Subtle
  23. Add White Vignette – Medium
  24. Add White Vignette – Strong

The grain and vignette actions can also be combined and stacked if you want an effect that is even stronger.

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