Wedding Photography Business Kit

Wedding Photography Business Kit

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The Wedding Photography Business Kit includes several different resources that can save a lot of time and headaches for wedding photographers. Here is a look at what is included:

Wedding Photography Contract Template

This contract template, drafted by an attorney, is simple to use. Just enter the details of the client or the job where indicated and you’ll have a usable contract very easily and quickly. The template comes in both Word and Photoshop formats. The Word template is a little faster to use, but if you want something with a more stylish look you can use the Photoshop template.

Cancellation Agreement

If your clients cancel the wedding and need to cancel your services you can get this cancellation agreement signed. This document also comes in both Word and Photoshop formats.

Client Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to get valuable information about your clients in preparation for the big day. The questionnaire comes in Word format so it is very easy to use.

Must-Have Shot List

This list includes 96 must-have shots to help make sure that you don’t miss anything important. The shots are categorized and the template comes in Word format for easy use. Just print it out and check off the shots as you get them.

Order Form

The order form is prefect for collection orders for prints from your clients. It comes in Word format and you can customize it to match the types and sizes of prints that you offer.

Credit Card Authorization Form

If you accept credit card payments you can have clients sign the credit card authorization for your records and for protection. The form comes in both Word and Photoshop formats.

DVD Info Form for Clients

This form gives clients some basic info about the DVD that you may be providing for them. It instructs them to make their own backup and lists your policies in regards to future access and related fees (you can customize the details to match your own policies). It comes in both Word and Photoshop format. Product Use License